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The Anti-Ad Agency

We are marketing consultants and creators.

We eliminate commissions and pass the discounted "agency rate" for media buying onto you. 

This ensures your business only invests marketing dollars for the advertising it truly needs.

Meet the Team

Here are the people who create the stories we deliver down marketing paths, that lead to sales-driven results for your business. 

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Our founder JD Smith began his broadcast career in 1994 as an overnight radio DJ and radio commercial producer.  Upon leaving corporate radio in 2008 as creative services and production director, he had amassed a vast portfolio of campaigns for virtually every industry.

Studio 702 Media Management was born out of JD Smith Productions, a full-service production house that began in '08 creating countless campaigns as a sub-contractor for multiple mid-sized advertising agencies across northern Utah.  The need for a direct-to-the-client creative team also capable of managing content delivery across the growing array of content-delivering platforms became apparent, and the key ingredient was eliminating the "Agency Commission"

Sitting alongside you, as a partner at your decision-making table is where JD is most at home, serving as your marketing director.  Together looking at your ad budget to determine the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing your marketing goals.

Studio 702 Media Management truly is the Anti-Ad Agency. 

We don't believe in selling you advertising, because we're a creative first content creation company. And we know how best to get your story in front of your target audience, at a much more affordable rate than you'll ever pay an 'Ad Agency'.

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Meet Some of Our Clients

National Auto Group

 Christian Roberts Mortgage


Right Side Up RV

Pocatello Nissan Kia

 Point S. Spanish Fork


Crandall Ford

Nissan Carson City

 Smith Orthodontic Care


Valley Office System

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